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# #CommonsCamp [<< Version française] (https://hackmd.lescommuns.org/s/ryZjgnXZm) #### Meet the commoners and the municipalist activists engaged for the transition based on the commons in France and Europe at the ["Summer University of Solidarity and Rebel Social Movements and Citizens"](https://ue2018.org/) from 22 to 26 August 2018 in Grenoble - France :::success ## Welcome to CommonsCamp - #### Tomorrow from 14:00, join the Commonscamp reception on the campus of the university hall D103. A welcome drink takes place from 15:30 to 17:00. Then, you are invited to the opening of the Summer University of Social Movements from 17:00. #### You can find on the spot (D103) people who will help you to access the accommodation of the commonscamp (different from the Summer University for some people) and to information about the program and the organization. ::: :::info ## For more information * **Short link of this PAD**: https://frama.link/commonscamp2018-en * **List of all PADs**: https://frama.link/commonscamp2018-sommaire * **Mailing-list**: https://frama.link/mail-commonscamp * **Chat**: https://chat.lescommuns.org/channel/commons.camp2018 * **Mail**: uescr-communs@bienscommuns.org ::: :::danger ## To register * Simple entrance: https://ue2018.org/ Check directly with the UESCR for hosting solutions: https://ue2018.org/Hebergement (in French) * As a contributor to the #CommonsCamp: https://frama.link/commonscamp2018-orga (in French) ::: :::info ## Intention The CommonsCamp aims to create a meeting place for French and European activists, commoners and municipalists for the transition based on the commons. in France and Europe. The intention is to offer a place and moments that allow us to develop 3 dimensions: * LEARNING and CONTRIBUTING to the Grenoble'commons and municipalist experiences * SHARE our initiatives for municipalities in France and Europe * ORGANIZE the transition movement based on the commons ::: ## Program :::danger *This program is under co-construction. The outline is drawn for each day, but the workshops/activities will be specified. You can participate in its development, add the desired activities and [let's talk](https://frama.link/commonscamp2018-orga) !* ::: :::warning ## Transversal journey ### Proposal made by Groupe d’Intervention Municipaliste (GIM) Proposal of facilitation for a group of about 20 people (+ or -) who will share a "transversal" experience of the Commonscamp, crossing commons, municipalism and the right to the city issues. This group will follow a specific methodology inspired by the "U Process", from Wednesday to Sunday, going back and forth between the proposed workshops and times of return in collective. It will be at the service of the overall dynamic, especially for facilitation (depending on requests) and reporting (returns, articles, reports, videos ...). The aim is to work together on multi-stakeholder postures, personal transformation and collaborative leadership skills that are transversal issues of the EU (TPTS axis). For the animation to work we propose inscriptions to constitute a group dynamic that will participate in the process while leaving free the input / output of other people. We will propose a detailed methodology in the coming weeks that will be shared here so that we can improve it together. Any proposal is welcome. LIEU : Campus REFERENTS⋅ES : Mélissa Perrez, Jon Attias, David Bodinier, Thomas Simon DOCUMENTATION : (en cours) ::: :::success ## 2 EXHIBITIONS: ### [Les communs](https://wiki.remixthecommons.org/index.php?title=Expo_sur_les_communs) (commons) Discover the notion throught the presentation of the principle illustrated by concret examples in different fields, its history and the perspectives it is opening for the transition. ### [Les voies de la démocratie](https://www.facebook.com/events/1651602484889455/) (The ways of democracy) Discover the alternative practices for democraty in Europe. ::: # Day by day :::warning ## Wednesday 22/08 : Meeting *Getting to know each other and laying the foundations* #### Workshop: Meeting of the Communal Movement / Municipalism / Transition and Territories WHERE: Campus D103 WHEN: 15h30am-17h00pm CONTACT: Frédéric Sultan ::: :::success ## Thursday 23/08 : MODULE Commons *Time to meet and explore the outbuildings* CommonsCamp - Commons Module Preliminary programme Thursday, August 23rd 9 h 30 -16 h 30 Room Amphi 5 The Commons module program will use two complementary methods of facilitation (Open Forum and Fishbowl) to allow the inclusive participation of all and help develop proposals that will be brought to the Convergence Meeting held on Sunday, August 26th. The module is structured as an Open Forum (3 sessions, about 45 minutes each), interspersed with 2 thematic fishbowl sessions of 60 minutes. The number of participants invited to anchor the fishbowl will be adjusted according to the total number of participants and will respect the principle of gender balance and European geographical diversity. ### Agenda Commons module, August 23rd 2018 9 h 30 - 9 h 10 Welcoming word and framing of the day 9 h 10 - 10 h 00 Setting the Open Forum 10 h 00 - 10 h 45 Open Forum : First session (45 minutes) 10 h 45 - 11 h 00 Harvest : Insights form the first session 11 h 00 - 12 h 00 First Fishbowl - Urban Commons (60 minutes) 12 h 00 - 13 h 30 Lunch 13 h 30 - 14 h 00 Open Forum : Second session (45 minutes) 14 h 10 - 14 h 20 Harvest : Insights form the second session 14 h 20 - 15 h 20 Second Fishbowl - Commons Movement (60 minutes) 15 h 20 - 16 h 00 Open Forum : Third session (45 minutes) 16 h 00 - 16 h 10 Harvest : Insights form the third session 16 h 10 - 16 h 30 Plenary : Contributions and proposais for the next CommonsCamp activities and for the Convergence meeting on Sunday 25th. #### More info on the Fishbowl sessions ### 1. Urban commons What are the experiences, successes and challenges encountered? How to develop tools, practices and mechanisms that facilitate the sharing of knowledge and the articulation of the dynamics of urban commons? Participants (to be confirmed) • Guiseppe Micciarelli (Ex Asilo - Naples) • Anne Sophie Olmos (Elue municipale de Grenoble) • Pierre Alain Cardona (Un centre pour tous, Pas Sans Nous 13 et les Tables de quartiers à Marseille) • Camilla Ragozzino (Napoli Direzione Opposta) • Sophie Jerram (Vogeltown, Wellington) Facilitation: To be determined Timekeeper: To be determined ### 2. Commons movement How is the movement of the commons organized in France and in Europe? What are the emerging coalitions and federations and how can they be strengthened? Participants (to be confirmed) • Sylvia Fredriksson (Assemblées des communs en France) • Gaelle Krikorian (Remix the commons) • Nonty Charity Sabic (Rise Ubuntu Network / Global Ecovillage Network) • Tim Flitcroft (Assemblées des communs IK) • Benoit Borrits (Association Autogestion) • David Bodinier (Association Planning) Facilitation: To be determined Timekeeper: To be determined WHERE: Campus AMPHI 5 WHEN: 9h30am-4h30pm CONTACT: Frédéric Sultan DOCUMENTATION: [History of the Assembly of the Commons of Grenoble](https://hackmd.lescommuns.org/s/rJZopuJM7#) (In French) [Organizing the Commons (Movement)](https://hackmd.lescommuns.org/s/ByvWy9zMX) : *Assemblies and Fabriques, ZAD, networks, tools and platform, what strategies for the commons movement to contribute to the transition?* ::: :::danger #### Workshop: [Meetup Cartography](https://hackmd.lescommuns.org/BwIwrAjCAMCcAsBaaEBmT52okB2YEiAJsMCbtNAIYDM6QA==) *Project leaders present their ideas, solutions or needs to a community of cartographers.* WHERE: FabLab of Grenoble WHEN: 6h00pm-11h00pm CONTACT: Yannick Duthe [DOCUMENTATION](https://hackmd.lescommuns.org/BwIwrAjCAMCcAsBaaEBmT52okB2YEiAJsMCbtNAIYDM6QA==) (In French) ::: :::info #### Workshop: L’atelier de lecture itinérant The "reading journey workshop" is an opportunity to (re) discover texts, books, brochures that can help us to think and act the situations we face and, in doing so, the world in which we live. WHEN: 17H30 WHERE: Jardins d'Utopie (parvis de la bibliothèque Droit-Lettres) CONTACT: Amandine Dupraz - Experiences Poetiques ::: :::warning ### Friday 24/08: Municipalism, Transition and Territories #### Presentation The "municipalist" approaches are multiplying and are supposed to provide concrete and original responses to the challenges faced by the inhabitants. What alternative and common public policies should be promoted as part of a municipalist approach?* What alternative and common public policies to promote as part of a municipalist approach? What alternative and common public policies to promote as part of a municipalist approach? What do we learn from the field? What is the relationship between the multiple dynamics underway? What ecosystem for these citizen initiatives to flourish? **10h-12h** - Sharing experiences: strengths and limitations From the participants and potential speakers, we will share current and past municipalist experiences. We will seek to identify the strengths and weaknesses of these actions, limits, REX if possible. "How are these experiences inspiring?" "Can we derive working hypotheses? " Experience: Grenoble, Spanish cities, Italy, ... - Proposal to Launch the Intercoll Municipalism Working Group **14h-16h** - Organization of municipal experiments 2018-2020 Based on a mapping of emerging experiences, we will discuss in a working group on the organization of municipal experiences from 2018 to 2020. The challenge is to succeed in conducting concrete experiments in several French cities that are inspired by the experiences presented in the morning. - Discussion on the Municipal Declaration for the Right to Housing and the Right to the City https://citiesforhousing.org/en/organizations/ WHERE: Campus WHEN: 9h30am-4h30pm CONTACT: Olivier Consolo DOCUMENTATION: ::: :::success ### Saturday 25/08: Right to the city and struggles in working-class neighbourhoods *To build a strategy to implement the Right to the City in working class neighbourhoods.* **[Presentation of the module](https://hackmd.lescommuns.org/s/HJOcwVqWX)** (In French) #### Workshop: On the road to active citizenship *Presentation of active citizenship issues and a citizen consultation methodology based on affirmed ethics and the human link.* WHERE: WHEN: morning CONTACT: David Bodinier DOCUMENTATION: #### Workshop: Democracy, citizenship, power to act: what means for what results? *This workshop aims to provide both a theoretical and practical update on the implementation of democratic processes. Different types of applications, such as voting, consultation and associative governance will be addressed in order to highlight the pitfalls to avoid, and successful methods.* WHERE: Campus WHEN: afternoon CONTACT: David Bodinier DOCUMENTATION: ::: :::warning ### Sunday 26/08: The linkage *A time of linkage and projection towards the future between local and national actors wishing to commit themselves together and sustainably so that initiatives prosper.* #### Workshop: Municipalism, Transition, Communes and Territories *organization of the Committee, common principles, distribution of roles, prioritization of actions to be undertaken in a first phase 2018-2020* WHERE: WHEN: morning CONTACT: DOCUMENTATION: #### Workshop: [Digital Synergy](https://hackmd.lescommuns.org/CbAMEMCNIFgZgLTAKygIwJgYwJyPFgEwBsC442OxxoyyFQA=) WHERE: WHEN: matin CONTACT: Simon Louvet [DOCUMENTATION](https://hackmd.lescommuns.org/CbAMEMCNIFgZgLTAKygIwJgYwJyPFgEwBsC442OxxoyyFQA=) (In French) ::: *** *An event powered by:* ![](https://hot-objects.liiib.re/pad-lescommuns-org/uploads/upload_b4e14dbc9232b863d7a5dfbc428385fc.png) ![](https://hot-objects.liiib.re/pad-lescommuns-org/uploads/upload_f9897a5e92bbbf75afd43d1991965073.png)![](https://hot-objects.liiib.re/pad-lescommuns-org/uploads/upload_64d2bcc32797d3bc74a9c8beb3a3d608.png) - Mouvement Utopia - IRG - Assemblée virtuelle - Collectif pour une Transition Citoyenne - Osons les jours heureux - CommonsPolis - CRID - La Belle Démocratie - Les voies de la démocratie - Mycellium - Mouvement Décroissance *An event supported by:* ![](https://hot-objects.liiib.re/pad-lescommuns-org/uploads/upload_0e5c654a394a2b293d2d1e68a5190904.png) ![](https://hot-objects.liiib.re/pad-lescommuns-org/uploads/upload_c28cf6d78debc44d6c55911ac00c9e29.png)